April Newsletter

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Price increase

We have absorbed some of the increases from our suppliers and were able to delay our yearly increase by several months, but unfortunately we are expecting an increase of between 10 – 13% effective July 2012.
Autumn sale

Quarterly specials list

We will be releasing a new specials list every quarter, copies of which will be available on our website or sent out via our office.

Energy/Production Savings

To assist in combating the industry wide cost increase, our representatives are able to streamline your production line to save you money with our products. Our interiors have broken ground in the 150°C – and our exteriors in the 165°C temperature range. Savings can be achieved by either lowering oven temperature, increasing line speed or a combination of both.
Ask our friendly office staff or your representative for further information.

Lastly we would like to thank you for your patience in the last few months in regards to our production lead times. Rest assured that as of April 2012 we are back to our standard and even have
a few surprises ready for the coming months.

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