March 20 21 Newsletter

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Powder-Lak Smartphone App
Ever wanted to order a custom colour in the comfort of your office chair or maybe you just forgot to place that crucial
order? What about that great colour you saw in the shop yesterday? It would look great on your products if someone
could have it matched up and manufactured according to your specifications.
And that is what our Smartphone Application is capable of: Ordering custom colours and requesting the matching of
It will be available mid March 2021 via Google Play Store and the Apple iStore.
We promise you wont need a 5 year old child to use it….

Autumn Sale
Right on the heels of our successful Januworry sale comes the Autumn sale!
Great discount of a variety of products. The sale list will be available on our website, Facebook page and google site

Price adjustment
As of the 1st March 2021 we have adjusted our prices to cope with the rampant price increases and local shortages in
raw materials. Unfortunately the COVID19 crisis has created a few artificial shortages, along with higher freight costs,
all which have compounded our manufacturing costs and there is no end in sight.
We sincerely hope that this situation will stabilise and that we will not have to adjust any further prices until March 2022.

Contact Details
Seems some clients have misplaced their phones and lost our contact details, not to worry though, fore here they are:
Tel: (011) 437 5905/6
Cell: 082 880 8100/1/2
WhatsApp: 082 880 8101
Please note that we do have a Facebook page where we will launch new products details and specials, so it pays to
view it occasionally.

New Payment Details
Due to excessive bank fees being forced upon our clients in neighbouring countries, as well as monetary shortages, we
have created a cryptocurrency wallet for all our export clients.
We are making use of the TRON (TRX) cryptocurrency, due to it’s stability and extensive technological advancement,
not to mention that it processes faster than Bitcoin….
For the address of the wallet please send a request to

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