Newsletter October 2015

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Closing / re-opening dates 2015/2016

We will be closing on Tuesday the 15th December 2015 and opening our doors again in 2016 on Monday the 11th of January. Last day for production orders will be Friday the 11th December 2015. As always we will endeavour to accommodate our clients wherever possible and perform small scale miracles, if needed.

New cheque deposit fees

Mention the word cheque to a teenager these days and you will receive ridicule on how old you are to make use of those. The banks are of similar opinion, as they will now start levying a R100.00 cheque clearance fee for each cheque. We therefore ask all our clients to please consider electronic payment transfers, or more modern methods of payments, to avoid this fee being levied against their accounts.

It’s the final sale!

The year is nearly done and it’s time for the final push. To assist clients we have launched a new product sales list. A huge selection of products are on sale at “less than import” prices. Be quick though, these limited quantities will sell our fast!

Price adjustment

The Rand has fallen under the table and no one is bothering to pick it back up. Our suppliers have increased their prices as of October 2015 to counter the heavy currency volatility and we must do the same in turn.
We will adjust our prices as of January 2016 and absorb the costs until such time, in order to assist our clients. The price adjustments will depend on the raw materials used per product, some will see a negligible increase while others may see a greater increase.

Energy efficiency

How do you make your production cycle more productive and more cost effective? Our energy efficient products are designed to optimise your production output and minimise energy wastage. Talk to us. We are here to help you.

2015 4th Quarter Sale

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