Powder-Lak Product Range


Exterior Polyurethane

  • Excellent flow, low film build (40-60 microns),
  • High corrosion resistance (in excess of 1000 hours).
  • Qualicoat compliance coming in 2018.
  • ESKOM D.S. 10 System Approved.

Series 1000 offers excellent resistance to UV influence, advanced color stability and has been designed to provide the best possible finish regardless of the object being coated.


Fusion Bonded Epoxy

  • WRAS approved.
  • AWWA C213-15 Compliant.
  • High corrosion protection
  • ESKOM D.S. 1 System Approved.

Suitable for both internal and external coating of pipes for surface or underground / Excellent primer.

Excellent resistance to physical handling, excellent chemical resistance, high resistance to cathodic disbondment.
Approved for potable water.

Type: Polyester Exterior

(T.G.I.C. or Primid variant)

  • Excellent flow
  • low film build (40-60 microns)
  • High corrosion resistance (in excess of 1000 hours)

Ideal for motor components such as windscreen wiper components, chassis and suspension parts.
Exterior grade, low temperature curing.

Cure cycle: 200°C for 3 minutes / 165°C for 7 minutes, metal temperature.
ESKOM D.S. 6 System Approved.

Type: Polyester Exterior

T.G.I.C. System

  • Good performance coating.
  • Excellent flow
  • Low film build (40-60 microns)
  • High corrosion resistance (in excess of 1000 hours)
  • Excellent usability for any job that requires exterior grade paint
  • Exterior grade, Standard temperature curing.
  • Cure cycle: 200°C for 10 minutes / 180°C for 15 minutes, metal temperature

Type: Epoxy / Polyester

Hybrid system

  • Similar properties as standard epoxy polyester
  • Lower cure cycle than standard epoxy polyester.
  • Cure cycle: 150°C for 5 minutes
  • Metal temperature ESKOM D.S. 1 System Approved.

POWDER-LAK Powder Coating Series 5000 is an evolutionary development of the time tried Series 6000 system.

It has been designed to require lower temperatures and curing time, without compromising on decorative and / or protective properties of the final paint film.


Standard Epoxy Polyester

  • Cure cycle: 165°C for 15 minutes / 180°C for 5 – 7 minutes
  • Metal temperature ESKOM D.S. 1 System Approved.
  • Interior grade epoxy/polyester hybrid system, widely used on white goods, such as kitchen appliances, furniture and electrical components.

Type: Epoxy

Busbar Coatings

  • High performance coating for conductive metal components, such as bus bars and switches.
  • Electrical resistance in excess of 15 Kva, depending on item and use.

Aligned to RAL Colour Standards

RAL Colours matched according to the german standard. Catalogs available on request. RAL codes consist of 4 digits and each color features a unique name. The color definitions are the industry standard in many markets, such as construction and traffic safety.

Special & Custom Colours

Need a self cleaning, anti-static, glow in the dark colour? You give us the specifications, we supply the products.